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With special guests?

Toxic Hero?

August 10

Century Casino - Edmonton?

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is a hard-rocking band that can take the function that you've worked so hard to make successful & help take it to the next level.

We promise to make Event Managers and Organizers look like geniuses!

Playing hits from Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, Glorious Sons, Greta Van Fleet, STP, Wolfmother, Ozzy & so many more!

The set lists consist of songs that everyone knows, and everyone loves; but not the same old songs that every other band plays.
Toxic Hero band members
Toxic Hero is fully capable & available to headline Casino Events, Bars, Bar Mitzvahs, Music Festivals, Swinger Clubs, Rodeo Clown Conventions, Biker Parties, Class Reunions, Birthday Parties for spoiled Children, Birthday Parties for spoiled Adults, & are even available to fly to North Korea to help make peace through music!

We are also willing to back up bands like Nickleback, Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones at venues like Rogers Place and Wembley Stadium. 

Toxic Hero is high energy, tight "Rock n Roll" played like it should be played & how it used to be played!

Go ahead & contact us today & see how we can make your next event a night to remember!

We are a rock band and only a rock band. We don't play country or other genres.... but we do it the BEST!

Full PA, light show & DJ Services can also be supplied!
Vox | Guitar
Emily Dale
Bad Dennis
Axe Master
Josh Deboer
Drums & Percussion
Kozzy St. Andrews
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